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<B>Updated 02 April 2018</B>

A little about us, and the products we offer.


O P Tactical Inc. is a 100% Service Disabled Veteran owned small business, owned by a Retired Special Forces Veteran (MOSC 11B, 18B, 18F, 18Z).

Our Mission:

Provide the best gear, and customer service.

OPT only sells gear that has been tested and sworn to by the end user; only superior gear is sold here.

If you have any questions about what kind of gear you should use for your loadout or mission, just email us at We welcome you to check back in every now and then and see what we have to offer, we will feature different deals and new items on a regular basis. Happy shopping, browsing, surfing, and studying.

Our Philosophy:

We believe our role is to support the customer and the industry. The customer is of the utmost importance, they are in the fight, or training for the fight, we know what this is like, and we know what is expected out of support channels while in these roles. The industry is also of great value to us, we do not bad mouth other members of the industry for the sake of sales, in fact, if you can't find it here, we will gladly refer you to a dealer that carries an item rather than see you deploy or train at an equipment deficit due to the behavior of a retailer.

Our Website:

Our Website is like a fighting position, it undergoes constant improvement on a daily basis; it is not flashy, it is not glamorous, it is very low maintenance and for one very good reason... The internet is very slow in most of the far reaches of the world. We have items, pictures, and descriptions; along with stock status for each item option, this is all you need for mission accomplishment when using our site.

Our Product Line:

One thing that you may notice about our website is that we do not have the same cookie cutter composition found with most tactical gear stores. The reason for this is simple, we use what we sell, we know what people are looking for when they do their shopping in preparation for operations and training; whether it's a deployment, being assigned as an instructor, or preparing to head out and do a hike with some friends and family. We seek out products for you that fill niches not found in other places within the industry. We have no problem with taking risks with never before heard of products if we know they successfully fill a need found within the community. The best gear is developed on the grassroots level, it is developed by end users working alone or with designers, and we do not have any problem with representing the end user who is also a product developer.

Company Lineage:

July 2003: Operationally Proven Tactical Gear (OPTG) was founded in Alexandria, Virginia.
March 2004: O P Tactical Inc. (DBA: OPTG) incorporated in the State of Virginia
April 2004: OPTG moved permanently to Raleigh, North Carolina.
March 2005: OPTG moved into warehouse space in Raleigh, North Carolina
January 2006: O P Tactical Inc. (now called OPT) incorporated in the State of North Carolina.
September 2007: OPT Moved into new warehouse space doubling their previous capacity.
May 2017: OPT Moved into a new brick and mortar showroom on Atlantic Avenue in Raleigh, NC.

Our Criteria:

OPT's criteria for selecting gear is based not only on our staff's experiences, but also those of our constituents, friends, and team-mates. We sell gear that lives up to its reputation for survivability and longevity.

What we are NOT:

We are not runway models. We are combat veterans that use or have used what we sell. We do not have gear on our site that looks super cool but provides little or no function to the end user. We believe the gear we sell should be utilitarian, functional, and of a robust build. We are very confident in our methodology, it is time tested and battle proven.

Items marked "(R)" No Export, No Paypal, NO EXCEPTIONS

Contact Us:
Shop Phone: 919-818-3649
Curbside Pick Up Phone: 919-594-1579
Address: 2533 Atlantic Ave, Suite 103, Raleigh, NC 27604
Phone Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am - 4pm Eastern Time (ET)
Curbside Pick Up Hours: Monday-Friday, 10am - 3pm
Online Sales Ship As Per Normal
Walk-In Store Closed For Renovations, Curbside Pick Up Available

Online Orders Normally Ship in 1-2 Business Days, Expect Slight Delays During Sale Periods.
$7.95 Standard Shipping to any US or APO/FPO Address!
International Shipping is Available to Select Countries
UPS Shipping Options: Orders must be placed by NOON Eastern Time (ET) to ensure they go out the same day.
Orders are not processed on the weekends.

Verified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, we accept GPC Cards and Government Contracts
CAGE: 5MU18 / DUNS: 361562593 / SDVOSB: 253753